Saturday, March 26, 2011

Red Hat One Billion Revenue

Red hat is now closing in on one billion of revenues. I first installed a Red Hat Linux installation in around 1998 in a spare computer that we had. I have alway supported the open source movement and would install open source  solutions at work if I thought it would add value.

So it was a disappointment for me never to install linux on work computers. The use of Linux is one of a few things that I thought would do well going forward in the ealry 2000's but the desktop use of linux hasn't met my expectations. I think Google is the biggest user of linux and by Red Hat nearly getting one billion in Revenue maybe my prediction may  end up being correct.

Red Hat employed Alan Cox who I used to follow his blog and Red Hat have done a lot of good things for the open source community.

I have stopped following the latest upgrades of Linux and am more interested in android as see that being the future. But I still think there is a lot value in Linux distributions as really all those mobile applications should be accessing their information on Linux boxes.


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