Friday, March 25, 2011

gen z

My two sons were born in 1991, 1997 and 1999 and are considered members of gen z.  Generation Z are typically the children of Generation X; their parents may also include the youngest Baby Boomers as well as older members of Generation Y.

The main characteristics of gen z are
  • The internet is their life. They are very web savvy and are tuned into social networking and blogs.
  • They are 'surgically attached' to a mobile phone. Whatever you do - make sure it has a mobile application.
  • They have a short attention span.
  • They are astute online consumers and are well versed in searching for the best deal.
  • They will be a transient workforce. They will 'follow the work' and live where the work is based.
  • They will likely be 'Google Bots' as they have grown up knowing web seaching as Googling
  • Attraction strategy for Generation Z'ers - Video, Music and real time interaction.
  • They will expect to use the internet for everything, certainly for finding a job.

The biggest difference of Gen Z compared to generation Y is that Gen Z is being brought up on txts and chats instead of emails. Generation Z are also more individualistic.While members of Generation Y are group and team oriented, members of Generation Z are more self directed.

Note: Gen Z have short attention spans so would have exited this post and I don't even think Gen Z read blog posts. Especially posts with more then a few paragraphs

How Gen Z consumes Media

Only time my kids listen to radio is in the car or on the internet. Listen in the car because our car doesnt have cd player or USB player. The listen to radio on internet so they can here fijian songs but that is only my oldest son.

My kids hardly watch TV, youngest still watches cartoon their favourite show is reality shows. They do watch  a lot of DVD's but mainly on computer.

Watch some sporting events but as example is going on now our town is playing an AFL game against main rival and instead of watching the game they are playing Guiter Hero in another room. They come for quick updates. They can get the result on the internet and highlights on youtube.

Kids spend more time on youtube then tv.

They only read newspapers if I force them to read it as an english project. I also try to get them to read books :)

Kids play some ps2 games but main games is online/lan Call of duty type games. So alot of games that involved online competition. There are a lot playing games on facebook.

Youngest boy has all students in his form have notebooks and networked wireless to the internet. Kids have had internet access since they were born and thats in Fiji. At home there are four computers, one notebook and two mobile phones connected wireless to internet. They have moved from Bebo to Facebook for most of communication now with their friends.

Searching the Web
Google is realy the only option but I hardly see them search anything. My boys spend most of time on youtube or facebook. None of them have twitter accounts. I don't think they have read any posts on this blog and only one or two of my mums blog.

All different types of music on Ipods, Nanos and Itunes. My boys go from Jame Blunt, Reggae, Chris Brown to Rap. All music is digital and stored on different computers and USB's. They like sampling music on music programs like audacity.

Mobile Phones
Main function of phone for my boys is for playing music while the older one uses it for txts. Younger sons never have enough credit for txts. Which brings one of most regular requests is money for phone credits.They had a lot of mobile phones is Fiji but in Australia its much more expensive. Iphone is what they are asking relatives to buy for them.

Doesn't really matter can use anything as long as consume media from internet or play video games.Youngest sons learnt how to use mouse before they learnt how to write.

Only issue of downloading movies from torrents is how much bandwidth it will consume and how long. Majority of music is pirated or copies from friends.

Relationship with parents
Compared to previous generation more are staying with only one of their biological parents. I think they are spending more time with family and have more friendly relationship with their parents.

Its going to be interesting seeing the gen z grow up. I have confidence that they will turn out well.


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